Unofficial IBM ThinkPad Transnote support website

  I first read about IBM Transnote when it was released in 2001. The price tag back then was MERELY $3000. Although it was way over my budget for a laptop, as a geek and at the time there were no tablet PCs available, I knew I must get my hands on this piece of technology. It was not long before this laptop fall to an affordable price tag- $800 on TigerDirect (No longer available). Some say that it was way ahead of its time, others blame it's lacks of good handwriting recognition. The good news is, I can finally ditch my PII233 laptop and buy myself a brand new IBM Transnote.

  From $3000 to $800, IBM also realized it is not worth the trouble supporting this machine. You have to do quite some search to find Transnote on IBM website and many links lead to dead pages. As an user, I started to worry what to do if anything were to happen to my IBM Transnote, especially once the warranty expires. Many thanks to " homeandoffice " who created This is a yahoo based discussion group. I was able to find answers to most of my questions and files to keep the IBM Transnote running.

  After 2yr of using my IBM Transnote, I learned a lot from reading, searching, and testing. I have my IBM Transnote fully functional under WindowsXP with wireless CF network card and 320MB of RAM.  The main reason this site is created is because I feel the need of a larger and more organized file sharing location. And arrange the information in the discussion group so it is easier to find. Most of all, I really like my IBM Transnote and I think you will too!

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