It is amazing that over a decade has passed since the release of IBM Transnote and there are still many people using this site. I promised to keep it at least two years when ( was first created. I can assure you now that it will not be shut down without any warning to all fellow "transnoters".

    Here is how much it cost to maintain this site: The current fee is about $5/month for hosting and $5/year for the domain name. That is $125 out of my pocket, which is something I can afford. The site will not go down even if there is no outer support. I consolidated with my personal website and the combined web space and bandwidth turns out to be higher and cheaper/easier to maintain.

    Any donation of $10 or more will give you access to the files that is password protected- NOW include windows 2000 RECOVERY CD set. I only keep large files protected. The file section is based in US Philadelphia server and it is pretty fast if you are not too far. I was able to achieve ~$200Kb/sec when uploading. With the upgraded hosting. I have 100GB/month (compared to 5GB/month before ) for file transfer. You can go to the file section for more info.