The FlipTouch Control could not provide complete functionality in Windows XP. The features which do not work are (i) the IBM High Contrast and (ii) Audio Control regardless of the order in which you install the drivers.

My inquiry into these matters revealed that the Color Scheme in W2K and Win 98, for which the Flip Touch control was originally designed, is completely different in structure to the registry structure used in WinXP. Indeed, after installation of the FlipTouch Feature and first push on the ‘High Contrast’ a pop-up window is asking you to ‘save your color scheme – however there is no ‘save color scheme’ button in XP. If you go ahead and save the ‘current theme’ (because u assume it is the same as ‘color scheme’) the the high contrast does not appear.

The FlipTouch volume control is causing the FlipTouch to crash – does not matter what you do. The Audio driver in W2K works fine.

In other words, you can have the TransNote on XP if you are willing to compromise on these two. All the rest works just fine.

BTW, you can read between ‘the lines’ on IBM website that the FlipTouch Control is W2K Compatible – not XP. This is not a mistake… they know exactly why they did not claim it works in Win XP.


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